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5 which includes the song "Nancy's Eyes" sung by the character of Jordan with music and lyrics by Estrada.In 2011, the Barbara Jordan Forever Stamp was issued.

The organization mobilized gay and lesbian African Americans to aid in the passage of marriage equality in the state of California.

She supported the renewal of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and expansion of that act to cover language minorities; this extended protection to Hispanics in Texas and was opposed by Texas Governor Dolph Briscoe and Secretary of State Mark White.

She also authored an act that ended federal authorization of price fixing by manufacturers.

Police were called a second time on August 15 when Kenya accused Matt of damaging her glass garage door, security system, and Range Rover.

an American politician, and a leader of the Civil Rights Movement.

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He allegedly threw down a suitcase of Kenya’s clothes after a recent vacation ended badly.

To date Jordan is the only African-American woman to serve as governor of a state (excluding lieutenant governors). She received extensive support from former President Lyndon B.

Johnson, who helped her secure a position on the House Judiciary Committee.

In 1976, Jordan, mentioned as a possible running mate to Jimmy Carter of Georgia, Jordan retired from politics in 1979 and became an adjunct professor teaching ethics at the University of Texas at Austin Lyndon B. She was again a keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention in 1992. She defended the checks and balances system, which was set in place to inhibit any politician from abusing their power.

In 1994 and until her death in 1996, Jordan chaired the U. Commission on Immigration Reform, which advocated increased restriction of immigration, increased penalties on employers that violated U. Jordan supported the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, legislation that required banks to lend and make services available to underserved poor and minority communities.

During Jordan's tenure as a Congresswoman she sponsored or cosponsored over 300 bills or resolutions, several of which are still in effect today as law. She would have been the first lesbian known to have been elected to the United States Congress.