Updating a table using php

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Updating a table using php - twoo online dating

When the submit button is clicked, the form will direct us to the “update.php” file.Now we run the query with the “mysql_query( )” PHP function and to check whether they have been updated successfully, I have put an “if” condition statement there to see if the query runs successfully.

If an update on a row would result in a violation of a primary key or unique index, the update on that row is not performed. When edit is clicked (page 2) the code pulls the $id and puts it in the url. The first one queries all of the rows from my table with an "edit" link.Note: If you have accessed this web page via a search engine, you should go back and start at the Beginning.This tutorial is designed to be viewed and executed in sequence.The statement below would require that all 4 fields of the specified row be passed to the processing script.

Here we also realize the value of including the automatically incremented id field to specify a unique identifier for each row of the birthdays table.

The PHP script change_isn't really much more than the first line of code we presented at the top of the page.

The SET option is used to assign the values received from the previous form to the fields name and birthday WHERE the ud_id string matches the id field.

The goal of this demonstration how to update the password “abc” to “def”.

Here are the codes: For “updateform.html”: A HTML form with 2 text fields and one submit button is created here.

Editor’s note: In some events, you might like to change or update a field’s data.

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