Guys jacking off chat

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Guys jacking off chat

It's useful to compare one's frequency with other folks in the same age group.I masturbate about six times/week - occasionally missing a day and every month or so having a 3/4 day break.

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I've read that frequent ejaculation is the best way to prevent prostate cancer; apparently the carcinogens develop in stale semen, so the best way to avoid it is to ejaculate frequently.I am 68 years old and married for more than 40 years.Since last few years, my tendency for masturbation has increased and I have been masturbating regularly, at least once a week.I think it is healthy and necessary to do what we need to enable us to ejaculate.Watching what you do it very common and helps straight men and gay men alike keep their erection and ejaculate fully.I see that despite that you still have to masturbate almost every day, wow, that's wonderful for a "young" 69 year old.

I wonder if that is to do with your being low on Testrome and now having monthly shots. What does Almorr use for sexual stimulation while he masturbates, Answer:- I look up websites or just look at images of naked women, I like 'natural ladies' that is women who do NOT shave "down there" a lovely natural hairy bush, gets me going and even women who do not shave their arm pit hair off, that is what I do to prolong my sessions.So, if I were you, I'd keep stroking and enjoy every minute of it.Lee I fully agree with you Cargoman, sorry that your marriage has been totally celibate for nearly 25 years.In my career I traveled a great deal and I used masturbation to keep me out of any outside sex affairs.I am have had the best sex with my wife in the last 6 years that I have ever had 1 to 2 times a week and she likes oral and masturbation with toys.Even with this I still have to masterbate almost every day. Hi Ojsam, not looked at this site for a little while,or since you posted a reply to my post of 11 April, thank you about your thoughts of my late wife.

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