Problem updating avg

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Problem updating avg - sex wapcom lv

Tried to contact AVG through the Pay Pal contact system twice and got no response. I have uninstalled it 5 times now, I have even made it to the point where it lets you complete a survey after uninstalling.

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I am 69 and disabled, and they are really taking advantage of me. Tried the customer help/service link - that did not work either, got the same error message.

I am very computer literate with over 5 years experience building and repairing PCs and laptops. Right now I'm trying to disable it to install a program, however I couldn't get it to open, so I tried to uninstall.

There is a 50% chance AVG won't start at all, when it does I get more errors than I ever encountered on any other program.

Pops up and by mistake if you click that it starts scanning (it's call tool kit or something). Now if you buy their product they have hidden the expiry date under license. AVG is built on Avast technology so I'll give them a miss and use Kaspersky instead. The product works only up to 10 installs (computers). However, since 2013 I have been sent a yearly subscription and have never been successful installing it.

Then they started another product that annoys every time. Yes, you guessed it, "Uninstallation Failed." This is the most awful antivirus I have encountered.

AVG PC tuneup was bought by me 1 month ago but not initialized. I declined and ever since I cannot delete their program from my system.

I then got repeated pop-ups saying I had to buy AVG PC tuneup even though I had bought it a month ago. Many repeated attempts to do so refuses to allow me, and they advise me to call their techs again.

It even hogs MORE resources because it immediately starts updating itself to the latest version because at least some of the patches were removed.

There are endless pop-ups that clog up your screen, always on start up and once or twice an hour while just using the PC. I downloaded an update to my AVG Antivirus a few days ago after some download problems which meant for a short period I was not protected.

I had been using AVG for Antivirus and bought Internet Security for .99. Support could not connect, at least that is what they claimed. Next statement they still had not given money back. I cannot tell you what I said, but I called my Credit Card company and got my refund on my own, since they could not. AVG Ultimate software exists only for Windows computers.

I tried to install 4-5 times it would error out each time. Instead support sends me e-mail indicating that they will install for FREE if I let them connect to my PC. I actually believe they caused more issues with my PC than they resolved as a software. Day after NY my laptop locked up, I called in and they repaired it because I was under a monthly plan. I called AVG again, but now because it was a different virus, I would have to upgrade and pay 0 plus continue to pay the per month. Avast/AVG technicians installed a readily available free version of antivirus software that does not include the features of Ultimate. It went into a frozen state whenever it ran and therefore no malware could be detected or removed.

Tried again, had another 20 minutes on hold before speaking to someone else who told me it wasn't a technical issue and was passed to the sales support.

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