Expat dating in abu dhabi

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Expat dating in abu dhabi - dating for love site on man

I used Dubizzle Where are you living and what’s it like?

Don’t have one and don’t really keep music on my i Phone either.

It is also very convenient how the shops are open so late and that there are so many taxis to take. I am also very aware of the fact that I cannot just wear anything and need to make sure that I am "decent". I am also starting to experiment cooking with some of the new ingredients and spices that I find in stores.

I am enjoying tasting new food and seeing new things in the city. What is your favourite things you have done here so far and why?

I always can find something to do and somewhere to go What do you like least about living here? What's your favourite things you’ve done so far and why? If you had one top tip you could share with others moving here what would it be? I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and have lived there all my life.

It is very hot in the summer What do you do with your free time? I went to Dubai and I saw the amazing Burj Khalifa ! I can say here it is a safe and easy life and you don't pay tax so you can save your money. I like to listen to Turkish music, and other stuff. I am a qualified Jewelry designer and have worked as a Fashion designer for the last two years.

Meat Company, abed al wahab , nodels house and Johnny roket What is on your i Pod? When we decided to move here my husband came directly from Canada I went first to Turkey for vacation so he found a flat from an estate agent and sent videos to me about the flat. I know many people prefer to live in Dubai but as my husbands offices are here in Abu Dhabi we are happy to explore the city and then decide where to live. The company my husband works for arranged the hotel for us and as we like it so much we have decided to stay here for a little while until we have explored some more and found a place that we would like to live in. We have an apartment with a kitchen and a living room.

Arabic songs :) Tell me a little about yourself; My name is Nuray. We are enjoying the city life and being within a few minutes taxi ride of most places. The apartment is very nice and looks out over the city.

In the kitchen I have 70s 80s 90s music and right up to date on, in the car Radio 2. I am from the UK, a mother of 3, I started my business Beautiful Brows a year ago. My husband works for the government and we’ve been here on and off for 19 years!

How did you find somewhere to live and how did you make the decision?

Marina square - Reem Island, its a nice community has a lot of facilities How are you finding Abu Dhabi?

Very nice city What do you like most about living here? Until now I like the weather but I think after this month I'll not like that. Also I don't like the traffic because people drive cars very fast. I meet friends, read a book, go on a walk , swimming and watch movie .

Did you know we hold regular coffee mornings across Abu Dhabi for our readers living in the UAE's capital?

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