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I travelled by land with Fatou Touray & Ali as a driver on August 15th.While I was in Dakar, I met Sulayman Jules Diop for the second time, after we met in Addis Ababa Ethiopia where we exchange numbers during the H. He called me at Vivian’s house and I was with Ali, it was after 1am Saturday night.

She also claimed that Jammeh is using the Daily Observer to settle scores with her.

If I was involved anything shady, I would not have spoken to F Touray, Boubs, Vivian, Kroumah and Sidath about Mr. I made it open cause I just wanted fun for that night only.

Fatou Touray took a taxi and went to meet her boyfriend discreetly, I could have don’t the same, but my intentions were clear. Diop when we met that night was that he has a big mouth which is why Macky appointed him, he laughed over it and I could remember telling him to zip up and that a friend F.

Two of the girls have fled the country and are currently in Senegal.

In a seventeen minute video, Fatu Camara tried to reassure her fans, friends, and colleagues in Senegal by telling them that The Gambia is being ruled by a dictatorship and that there is no turning back in her ongoing media activism to expose the dictatorship in Banjul.

Before I left for Dakar, I knew that I wanted to have fun too, having separated from my husband for 3 years and not being with any man, my body needed one at that time. Fatou Touray never advice me against Sules Diop, Infact she advice me to date him.

I spoke to Boubs TFM and Vivian about Sules Diop, it was them who told me that Sules Diop has a big mouth I later told Fatou Touray that, that was the reason, why I would not want a long term relationship with him.“I texted Fatu Camara as soon as she mentioned my name on air.I told her that she could have reach out to me to verify the veracity of the story before going public with it.After reassuring the Ndour family, Jules Diop, and co for not being part of the scheme to soil their reputation, Fatu took a jab at Jammeh by saying that her former boss is a gossip master.She recalled Jammeh telling her that wrestler Balla Gaye, is into idol worshipping that’s why the internationally famed wrestler often sweats.Fatu Camara has rejected some of the statements attributed to her in the statement she made to the NIA.