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While forgetting or failing to recharge in time poses little risk financially in itself, in that you cannot be forced to spend money with the service provider at a quicker rate than if you had recharged in time, losing unused credit can be an irksome experience, or even emotionally scarring depending on the size of the balance you let expire.

(Standard National Mobile Call means a mobile voice telephone call from a Supplier’s mobile service to another Supplier’s mobile service (off-net) during peak time where the calling and receiving parties are in Australia.) You may just have to model your projected usage pattern in a spreadsheet application (or something fancier written in custom code), and evaluate particular metrics – such as total cost, burn rate, and/or volume of data usage possible at a given target spend – against individual plans and offers to properly compare them.

Whether you are allowed to retain service on the same terms to which you are accustomed (i.e.

remain on a ‘grandfathered’ offer), or forced to choose between selecting from the revised range of offers and cancelling your service (with or without porting out), will be entirely at the service provider's discretion and you have little say.

Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile has a number of offers and options, and can provide even better value than the individual offers as advertised, to those willing to study what is available and then select a combination and/or strategy to fit their usage patterns or requirements.

Some examples are outlined in the Popular Options section below.

It is neither a standard service offering or request that can be actioned through self-service, nor can you expect it will be fulfilled just because you ask.

Each Telstra Pre-Paid Starter Kit comes with a SIM, to which a mobile phone number (which is usually printed on an adhesive label on the retail packaging) has already been assigned.Chargeable usage typically excludes such things as receiving and remaining connected on incoming calls (when not roaming), receiving SMS messages, initiating calls to emergency numbers such as 000 and 112, and initiating calls to self-service facilities operated by the service provider.The corollary of the above is that the service provider has no possible cause to bill you (as the customer, service lessee and/or account owner), or otherwise request payment, for any usage after the fact.The terms of a prepaid service typically stipulate that – except in cases of breach or failure on the part of the service provider – all prepaid credit, including but not limited to that which is purchased on a dollar-for-dollar basis, will remain with the service provider if the service is cancelled and/or the account is closed.In other words, money you put into the system is considered spent as soon as the recharge transaction is complete, and there will be no refund; whether you subsequently derive value from your expense is immaterial.This wiki provides a summary of how Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile works, and outlines a number of ideas and answers to frequently asked questions from the long running Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile thread in the forum.

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