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In early 1990 economic discontent and a desire for political liberalization provoked violent demonstrations and strikes by students and workers.

The April 1990 conference approved sweeping political reforms, including creation of a national Senate, decentralization of the budgetary process, freedom of assembly and press, and cancellation of an exit visa requirement.

In addition, he promised to open up the PDG and to organize a national political conference in March–April 1990 to discuss Gabon's future political system.

The PDG and 74 political organizations attended the conference.

When M'Ba died in 1967, Bongo replaced him as president.

In March 1968, Bongo declared Gabon a one-party state by dissolving the BDG and establishing a new party—the Parti Democratique Gabonais (PDG).

However, when M'ba dissolved the National Assembly in January 1964 to institute one-party rule, an army coup sought to oust him from power and restore parliamentary democracy.

French paratroopers flew in within 24 hours to restore M'ba to power.The earliest inhabitants of the area were Pygmy peoples.They were largely replaced and absorbed by Bantu tribes as they migrated. By the 18th century, a Myeni speaking kingdom known as Orungu formed in Gabon.Several Bantu groups lived in the area that is now Gabon when France officially occupied it in 1885.In 1910, Gabon became one of the four territories of French Equatorial Africa, a federation that survived until 1959.), is a sovereign state on the west coast of Central Africa.

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