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Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. • co-mates, "comrades." There is some redundancy in tho word, for "mate" by itself means "conn*iido"; it is as old as Shakspearo however, " Now my co-mates and brothers in exile.** 987.

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The allegory is somewhat complicated by the fact that the actors in it are not^ strictly speaking, allegorical characters, but persons who are consciously assuming the mask of such characters; but tho drift of it is tolerably plain. an exclamation of surprise at the bold- ness of his tone. Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing tliis resource, we liave taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. Honco they dro\r their notion of representing the char- actors named, Night and Death Mug united in one; and Garoth's battles vith tliom are an allegory of the warfare of life. The combat with the Knight of the Morning-star signifies struggle against the temptations of early life. co-mates, *'comradr H." There is some redundancy in tho word, for **mato" by itself means **oonirado"; it is as old as Shakspearo however, ** Now my co-mates and brothers in exile.*' 987. You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I -''■/^2-3^/ HARVARD COLLEGE LIBRARY FROM THS BEQUEST OF B. MASSACHUSBTTS — ^^fen^^-'i-^ 4-- HARVARD COLLEGE LIBRARY PROM THB UBRARY OF HERBERT EVELETH GREENE Cbttof 1681 Pkofcssor of Englith intht Johns Hopkins University 1895-1929 GIVBN IN HIS MEMORY BY HIS FAMILY / 2 3^S7.^3J HARVARD UNIVERSITY LIBRARY SEP 17 1973 TENNYSON . Other obligations are acknowlodgod whoro they occur. After an interval of seventeen years, in the year 1859, were published under the title of Idylls of the King the four poems called Enid, Vtvicn, Elaine^ and Guinevere^ which with little change, hardly any indeed except some additions to Vivien, form a part of the completed work under the names of Tlie Marriage of Geraini^ Oeraint and Enid, Merlin and Vivien, Lanedoland Elaine, and Guinevere {Enid having been divided into two.) In 1869 appeared The Coming of Arthur, The INTRODUCTION.

xi Iloly Grail^ Pelleas and Eitarre^ and The Passing of Arthur ^ tho lost including the Morte ct for making his heroes think the thoughts and speak the language of the nineteenth century is as much out of ])Iace as to censure the authors of the romances of Mn Un and Lancelot for making their heroes, whom they imagine to have lived in the fifth century, think and speak like men and women of the thirteenth and fourteenth.

The picture which wo have in this idyll of Arthur upon the dals-throno in the hall delivering doom in patri- archal fashion, and ringed round with knights in whoso eyes shine honour and faith in their king, and pure XIV OARKTII AND LYNKTTR Af Toction and tho light of victory, is tho sole roprosonta- tion which tho Idi/lh al Tonl us of Arthur in his kingly character engaged in administering the al Tuirs of liis kingdom, and such a picture it was necessary that wo should liave in this place. so as to daxxlo tho eyes that looked, the Noonday Sun, i.e. The feathered seeds fonii u glolw which might he imaginoci to be made up of a nundicr of fairy arrows. kltohondom, formed after the nu Nlcl of '*rhri Htcn«1oin." *' heathendom," in a eollc«;tivo Bonsc, meaning tho whole Ijody of people employed in kitchens. Uo Romary stuck in the nose, mouth and oars is tho traditional decoration of tho hoar's head when served up at tablo; op. 1'ho phenomenon of if/mn fatwm, a bluish«co1ourod flomo flickering over the surfaco of stagnant water, has given rise to many suiierstitions, and is perhaps not oven yet scientifically oxplaincu. German grtmm and gram; but hero "grimly" seems to mean much the same ai " gruesome " or " grisly,*'^ i.e. the table had places for a hundred and fifty knight N, and at NVhitsuntido eauli year the numlrar was filled un, excopt two nhices, wliich were left void. rout, properly a "broken mnr-s " of troops, hence "a con- fused i MMly." The Jyw Latin ruitta, from which comes the Frenrh roti/f*, mums 6rst '*a ntass of broken troops," **a defeat," (*J) "a part" of an arniy, il\) **a way broken" through a forest.

Gareth himself represents youthful craving for honour, neither discouraged by tlio yoke of vassalage which must first be borne, nor spoilt by any meaner motive; and the contrast is complete between the first and the last scenes of the **I{outid Tabic,'' between this idyll and Tkc Last rournamefit, the spring and the autumn of our story. The flower is said to 'Mlow a glolic of after arrowlets/' meaning that it blooms into a gh»l M) of arrowlcts, which come after the yellow petals aro fallen. the old carol sung at Queen's College, Oxford, " Tho i Kiro's head in hando bring I, With garlandes gay and ro Hcmni'y,'* and a curious description by Dckker of persons apprehensivo of catching tho plague (in 1(K).*astu" is to {Knir tlio melted fat ovor tho meat while cooking. Lardod thy last, " done thy larding for tho last time." l OGO. deop-dimplod, referring to tho depressions formed bv eddies in tho broa Aiiiiiaii)8 ; M*1mt art tliou but a lublior and a tumor of Bpils, and a ]Aillo*wiu«hor T Damsel, fuiid Ikaumaiu B, luvy to mo what yc will, I will not go from you whatsoever you nay, for I have undcrlakcn to Kitig Arthur for to achieve your adventure, and no nhall I fmi Hh it to the end, or I shall die therefore. beknavad, ''called knave.'* The use of the prefix nmy lio illustrated by a sentence quoted in Murray's Eniflinh Dicfiouarif from Fiehling's Jomtfhnn Wild: — **SUc lieknaved, bera Hcallectry. Other legends say tliat the Kounu Table was made after the motlei of that used by (Jhrist for the Liast Supiior, and had thirteen scats, of whicli one was left vacant. Hence the various meanings of the wonls ** rout," ** route," and "rut." (Skeat, A7

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Skeat's Cotw.m Etijinoti)gical Dictionary of the English Language^ a book which might with advantage bo put into the hands of every student of English. The portion which first appeared of the Idylh was that magnificent fragment called Morte d*Arihur, which forms now a part of Tli C Passing of Arthur^ 11. This, which was published in 1842, was introduced then as the eleventh book of a young poet's Epic King Arthur ^ of which all had been destroyed but this.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. In references to the Morte Uarthnr I have used Strachoy*8 (Globe) edition, 18D1, not thinking it necessary to puszlo young students by giving the quotations in tho original spelling. We must not take this literally as implying that Tennyson had himself already written an Epic upon the subject, but it certainly shows that the idea of such an Epic had passed through his mind.

The idea was taken by the four brethren of the story from a carving made by a hermit upon a rock, and consisting of five figures of armed men, which represented Morning, Mid- day, Evening, Night, and Death, " their faces forward all, And running down the Soul, a sliapo that fled With broken wings, toni raiment and loose hair. Gorman, urf/rr/eit), and is still used especially of tho killing of sheep by wolves or dogs ; hence in general of a dog fighting with another animal or a man.