Updating macbook

01-Dec-2014 12:04 by 6 Comments

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The ultrathin 12-inch Mac Book launched one year ago, in April of 2015.It should be noted that has an unreliable track record in predicting Apple's future product plans.

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Still selling for 9 with 2011 specs, the product looks old-fashioned compared to the 4K and 5K displays that are now the norm, not to mention just how thick it is in comparison to i Macs with whole computers inside.

Little else is known about Apple's anticipated anticipated upgrades, though it's likely that Apple is waiting on availability of the appropriate "Skylake" processors from Intel for its next-generation notebooks.

The Skylake platform is Intel's follow-up to Broadwell, and will offer the usual performance improvements —boosting CPU speeds by 10 to 20 percent, and integrated graphics chips by 16 to 41 percent —but also continue a trend towards efficient power use, thanks to smaller 14-nanometer architecture.

However, he has predicted a hardware refresh in June, which would technically be the first half of 2016.

It's possible that new Mac Book Pros or Airs could arrive first, with a revamped ultrathin Mac Book coming later in the year.

It's been suggested that Apple could expand its ultraportable Mac Book lineup with a larger model in the 14-to-15-inch range.

Also due for a refresh is Apple's Mac Book Pro lineup.

Apple is allegedly planning to update its ultraportable Mac Book with Retina display in the second half of 2016, featuring a new screen hing design made from metal injection molding, according to a new supply chain report.

provided an update on Apple's 12-inch Mac Book on Friday, claiming that the company is preparing to launch new models in the back half of this year.

But there’s a good chance Apple could do some house cleaning with the lineup this year, especially if it really introduces an ultra-thin 15-inch Mac Book and perhaps loses the 11-inch as it pushes the new 12-inch Mac Book as its best small-screen laptop.

And in case you forgot, Apple is still selling a Mac Book with a Super Drive.

But there’s also a whole list of things Apple should update and release but likely won’t next week.