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Everything else we have used above remains the same, but now we tell sqlmap we want to see the tables and columns from the scanme database.We can append our command with --columns -D and the name of the database, scanme such as this: When we do so, sqlmap will target the scanme database and attempt to enumerate the tables and columns in the scanme database.

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The more you know about My SQL, the better you can hack My SQL!

Generally, My SQL is teamed up with PHP and an Apache web server (often referred to as LAMPP or XAMPP) to build dynamic, database driven web sites.

Keep coming back, my amateur hackers, for more adventures in Hackerland!

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If you are creative and ambitious, you can find numerous web sites that list vulnerable web sites. For our purposes here and to keep you out of the long reach of the law, we will be hacking a website designed for this purpose,

We can practice on this web site and refine your skills without worrying about breaking any laws and having to make bail money for you.

As we can see below, sqlmap successfully was able to enumerate three tables; (1) accounts, (2) inventory, and (3) orders, complete with column names and datatypes. As you can see, sqlmap can be very versatile and useful tool for My SQL, as well as SQL Server and Oracle database hacking.

We will plan on coming back to sqlmap in the near future to explore more of its extensive database hacking capabilities.

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Here, we will be using one of the best database hacking tools available, sqlmap.