Updating iphone firmware takes forever

24-Dec-2015 15:46 by 7 Comments

Updating iphone firmware takes forever

Whether regurgitators failed to read all the way through the research, or simply decided to ignore it in service of sensationalism doesn't really matter.The resulting misinformation and confusion is the same.

It's that you've become more sensitive to that color — you notice it more.

The two most important aspects of software updates for older devices are security patches and compatibility with new apps.

When older devices get the latest version of i OS, they get all the latest updates for the Safari browser and related web viewers, and they get the ability to run all the new apps that will be updating in the App Store. Apple has gone great lengths to keep i Phone customers safe from common forms of attack.

So, what's really going on with i OS updates and older devices?

The research in question, referenced by the New York Times concerned the frequency of "iphone slow" in search queries and how it spiked at the time new i Phone hardware was released.

The charge that i OS updates deliberately slow down older i Phones gets regurgitated every so often.

It's a sensational charge so it gets sensationalized. causation in big data analytics and how it shouldn't be misinterpreted was — wait for it — widely misinterpreted.

Samsung, like other Android manufacturers, owns the hardware but not the software.

They can only provide updates indirectly and in a scattershot manner.

Apple provides the updates directly, all on the same day, all around the world.

That's hundreds of millions of devices all getting the latest version of i OS, all at the same time.

You're looking for what's new and what's different so any little tick, pause, or skip tends to stand out. New versions of i OS also add new features, like background refresh in i OS 7.