Musiq soulchild dating now

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Musiq soulchild dating now - amateur match dating service

Couple is enjoying each other’s company and has no information about their marriage or of engagement.

Part of this is due to the complexity of their relationship, Meelah says.“We co-parent, but we’re together, we’re always together.

In one interview her ex boyfriend confessed that he likes her company as she is one of the realest persons to whom he met and people are so foolish presumed it as romance.

Furthermore, he also claimed that they were not together and we were just together as friends.

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but has no children’s yet, but it is rumored that she has two public relations.

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From a single parent mean you want to replace the old and lived in a large number of days.

Till now in 2016 she is dating or dated to two men i.e. In personal life of this black beauty singer, media covered her first love with Musiq.

But the fact is that their love story is not open like other or might be that was just friendship.

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When asked what she loves to party and have fun doing it so far about.

He thought it was cool and the fact that I opened up about our son, of course I made sure he was cool with it and he felt like it would be a cool thing to share our story.”“He didn’t want to come on, but he only came on because he supports me and because I was talking about our son, he’s on to support me talking about the autism,” she went on the explain. He’s showing that no matter what I got you as far as music and stuff like that.”“Our break up wasn’t public, we went the political route and swept it under the rug,” she explained.