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Soon after, I get a text from another girlfriend reading: Great. What’s the point of #Fancy Friday if you can’t mob around with your ladies?! “They’re waiting on these drinks.” The drinks arrive quickly, and he takes them in hand. But I shrug it off, sip at my drink, and take in the wall of alcohol lining the bar while trying to decide if I should have an expensive scotch just for the fuck of it.

I think to myself how none of this would have happened if not for all the little pieces of circumstance that made it come to be.

Are all of my friends falling off the map this weekend?! I’m sitting at the end of a long, posh bar, nursing something called a “Black and Stormy” with fancy pieces of candied ginger floating in it.

Another girlfriend sends the following texts: Son of a !

I’m laughing at myself inwardly, wondering if I did something wrong. He’s returned with his drink in his hand, and he has this nervous look on his face.

“No worries.” He looks scared, carting away the group of drinks he’s ordered, leaving me alone at the bar again.

Chatting may be your first step to date Arab single Muslim and single Arab Christian.

The Arabic chat language is just like the Arabic SMS language used every day.Please fill out the form below to sign up for your FREE WAP CHAT account!You can find Arabic people in Arabic chat rooms or international chat rooms chatting online in Arabic or English. It’s all very flattering, and all so textbook flirtation that I can’t help but laugh each time he does it. The bartender delivers it with a grin, and the handsome Frenchman inks his digits and name onto a bar napkin, handing it to me. With a smile, he waves down the bartender and asks for a pen. We make our way to the member’s garden, a perfectly manicured outdoor retreat filled with green and decorated with enough furniture to host a respectable gathering of lazy loungers — but there’s no one here. He insists, of course, then places his jacket on my shoulders. “I need to go,” I say, turning away and avoiding his eyes. I watch him place his order, because what-the-hell else am I doing, and he turns to look at me a second time.

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