Dating meaning in tamil

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Dating meaning in tamil - i kissed dating goodbye wiki

By my life's experience, i am expecting a high degree of compatibility with those towards intellectual abi...Read more Iam very clean and good boy from my childhood.. I used to came back to India because of to take care of my paraents from Kuwait. Read more I have a pleasing personality and look much younger. I have a great sense of humor and like to be with people who can smile, laugh and genuinely want...

Read more Describing oneself seems to be the most difficult task.. I am a straight forward and family oriented person. Read more I became a believer in Christ in the year 2015 and was baptized in the year 2016. His grace and mercy has been an amazing gift for me. Read more Its hard to believe that time just flew off my hand and I kept myself so busy in my own world being with family people,busy with my work life and fulfilling daily needs and always at the back of my mi... Read more I am a caring, highly spirited and loving lady who respects and values every single thing of life.But always want to be independent from any organised system of knowledge. i am a banker working as DGM, involved in financing large industrial projects, my work takes me to exotic places where m... We are mandayam iyengars who follow a good mix of traditional and modern values. I was born in Kumbakonam but did my studies in Nagpur.Naturally attracted to j.krishnamurty and ramana ma... Read more Simple, Elegant, Liberal, Charming, Kind, Cheerful, Hardworking, Outgoing, Vivacious person, an independent guy with a strong sense of humour and a person with original ideas and thoughts. Read more Hello, I am a calm, sincere, sober and hardworking person. Mom is a homemaker and Dad who is no more was a CA. Read more Introducing self in short :)Born in TN and brought up in Mumbai. After a decade in IT and completion of course in Travel and Tourism, started my own firm in Travel & Hospitality industry. I joined the Indian Air Force and noe I have taken VRS.Ships, it will come up on a date with the best friend because he does things.) is a Dravidian language predominantly spoken by the Tamil people of India and Sri Lanka, and also by the Tamil diaspora, Sri Lankan Moors, Burghers, Douglas, and Chindians.Read more Initially I need to thank who gave the man of my dream thank you you have made my life to glow best by helping me to meet my be frank I don't have any interest in marriage and also with my parents compulsion this accou...

We were all set and she has flown down all the way from Mumbai. Atlast we met and there were butterflies already parading around :) The loveliest moment of my life. We met and talked and Vini family was comfortable with our family.

People know me as a simple, family-oriented and helpful person who believes in live & let live policy. My beloved parents have raised me with good cultural values and always encouraged to live life with serene and right prospect.... Presently I am working in STATE BANK OF INDIA as a Junior Associate, I own a flat in... Good day, I am a simple guy, caring , affectionate,responsible and jovial in nature.

I like playing out-door games, watching movies, enjoy nice restaurants, travelling etc. Read more I am basically the intellectual sort who reads, thinks and analyses people,events and history.

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Looking for a professionally qualified and well educated boy around 37 to 39 yrs from a family with moderate values. I keep cool during testing times and dont overreact. I am a career oriented person, but not a workaholic. Read more I am a very easy going, family oriented girl with strong family values. Read more I am a very cheerful, fun loving person whose idea of a fun self date is to take a leave, bunk out with some great novels and watching animes. I was born and brought up in Mumbai and I continue to live here with my parents.