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Atascocita and Kemah, for instance, each have only one registered sex offender in their respective jurisdictions.

NOTE: The number of people with a Friendswood mailing address is larger ...

Pulling the most recent data from official public records, the website reports that Houston has a higher ratio of sex offenders to population, at 1 sex offender for every 355 people, than Austin (1 offender per 665 people) or San Antonio (1 offender per 443 people). has 8,000 registered sex offenders Dallas has a higher ratio than Houston does, at 1 sex offender for every 345 people.

The data fluctuates even more widely when looking at the smaller, suburban cities and towns surrounding Houston.

NOTE: The number of people with a Friendswood mailing address is larger than the number of people living within Friendswood city limits.

The number of registered sex offenders with a Friendswood mailing address is 22.

But one area city has one sex offender for every ...

more Friendswood Number of registered sex offenders: 7 Ratio to population: Friendswood has 1 sex offender for every 5,703 people.Electric generators and power saws were the dominant sounds Thursday around the construction sites, but there also were noises of children laughing and playing on four-wheelers that were almost entirely absent last year.This time last year, the city was still working to provide basic services like electricity and potable water.This organization cites statistics showing children are more likely to be abused by a relative or a trusted authority figure than a stranger. COM: Figures present unsettling picture of meth use in Houston The U. Department of Justice offers tips to help parents protect their children from sexual abuse.The tips include teaching children that they have the right to say "no" to touches that make them uncomfortable, and assuring them that it's ok to get help from an adult, even if they think it might hurt someone they care about.The United Methodist Volunteers in Mission are one of several groups working to rebuild the community after last year's record floods.