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Then I’m just googling around and I remember Dane Cook, then Katt Williams, then Richard Jenni and I forget who, and Bruce Bruce was the other one and then I found Brian Regan.

“I never watched comedy growing up so the first comedian I ever saw was Dane Cook cause he was in Boston and so popular.“I want to say I was fourteen and a buddy of mine had his album burnt on a CD and I took the CD and listened to it over and over again. And then I saw him live when I was like 19 and I was like this guy is the best comic working. List had a tough time picking favorite Brian Regan bit because he loves so many but ultimately chose the World’s Strongest Man.“There’s so many, they’re rifling through my head right now but maybe the strong man competition bit?Emma’s pick: “My favorite Brian Regan bit is when he goes to the dinner party and everybody’s bragging and he wants to say he walked on the moon.” Greg Stone is an up and coming comic in New York City, and said he Regan to thank for some of his early stage time. I used to work at a comedy club, Rascals in Montclair.And I was a door guy and he was the comedian, and I had to go down and get beer from the basement.And you could totally see my manager getting his head and saying, well we’re going to try to get him up when he’s ready. It was the nicest thing anyone ever did and then shortly after they got me up.

Greg’s Pick: “My favorite bit is, he’s on the highway and he said if you had logs go that way, and you had’s just the funniest thing. ” Sarah Tollemache is a New York comedian by way of Houston Texas.

He turns it into the academic version of Dodgeball!

It’s so simple but the first sentence transcends race, age and gender. You’ve seen him on television with a Comedy Central Half Hour Special, on .

, Conan, @midnight, The Pete Holmes Show, and Inside Amy Schumer.

Recently on Sirius XM’s Bennington show, the owner of New York’s Comedy Cellar said Gulman was one of the 20 best comics performing in New York today, and called him “Carlin-esque.” He’s currently on his “It’s About Time” tour. Gulman saw Brian for the first time when he was about 25 years old at Boston’s Faneuil Hall.

“Then I bought his album and I’ve pretty much got it memorized.

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