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And on the alternately dark and buoyant "For Kicks," she flips the traditional breakup song on its head, singing from the perspective of the heartbreaker over a crush of synths.

"All the stuff that sucks and is beautiful — that's being alive," Haines says of the joyous anthem.

He looked at me the way a creepy older man looks at a young, silly girl he’s going to buy a drink he’s planning to slip a roofie into. He was 15 years older than me, but what’s more, I found him totally unattractive and didn’t want to be on a date with him. Nervous and trying to avoid eye contact with him, I proceeded to talk about nothing in particular for the next 20 minutes with such speed, he might have thought I had just done an eight ball in the bathroom.

But I couldn’t just .“So, you’re friends with Jake Gyllenhaal? I met him yesterday and we talked about baseball for five minutes,” I said.“Oh. He checked his phone approximately 35 times and mentioned the memoir he was writing about 10 times.

"The way we hang out and fall in love and enjoy life — it's the essence of what makes people human," she says of the "pagans" in the album's title.

"People have been playing with stones and dice forever, creating games and music and ways to connect.

He also asked me if I’d like to join him to see Metric play the next night at the Opera House.

I’d always wanted to see Metric live, and I thought I might be able to make Keith my best gay friend in Toronto. I also figured that the friendship might lead to exciting Toronto career opportunities down the line. The next night, I met him at a wine bar for a quick drink before the show."Synthetica was about the battle between what's human and what's artificial, and integrating technology into our lives," Haines explains, referring to the band's — Haines, Shaw, bassist Josh Winstead and drummer Joules Scott-Key — acclaimed 2012 LP."And with this record we were making music for the joy of it.But nothing about Pagans in Vegas, set for release in September 2015, came together like any other Metric record.For starters, it was born during the band's scheduled year off, when frontwoman Emily Haines retreated to Nicaragua and found herself writing on acoustic guitar while guitarist-producer Jimmy Shaw became obsessed with his CS80 synth back home in Toronto. ” I'm not really waiting for someone to give me permission anymore or say, "Oh, you come up at the door, we'll open it.