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The drugs that allow the body to accept the organ also make the immune system less able to recognize and attack pre-cancer cells and the viruses that can cause cancer.

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This is because people with cancer often have weakened immune systems, especially when they’re getting treatment.

This must be done so their immune system won’t attack and destroy the transplanted organ. Increased risk for lymphoid and myeloid neoplasms in elderly solid-organ transplant recipients.

This seems to be the main reason that cancer in a transplanted organ can, in rare cases, give cancer to the person who gets the organ.

This also appears to be due to the drugs that are given to reduce the risk of transplant rejection. National Cancer Institute, US National Institutes of Health.

Research has shown that the longer and more intensely the immune system is suppressed after transplant, the higher the risk of cancer.

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Some cancers can spread from the mother to the placenta (the organ that connects the mother to the fetus), but most cancers cannot affect the fetus itself.

In a few very rare cases, melanoma (a form of skin cancer) has been found to spread to the placenta and the fetus.

Organ donors are carefully screened to reduce this risk. National Cancer Institute, US National Institutes of Health.

Still, recent studies have shown that cancer is more common in people who get solid-organ transplants than in people who don’t – even when the donor doesn’t have cancer. National Cancer Institute, US National Institutes of Health.

They may not be able to fight off infections very well.