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And anxiety left untreated often leads to developing comorbid disorders, such as depression.

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Practicing self-disclosure might include letting your date know about a story or person that is special to you, sharing how you felt about a recent event, or letting your date know that you think they look great.If a social situation goes awry, they automatically blame themselves.If they make a comment that comes out wrong, they beat themselves up for hours or days afterwards.Anxiety disorders are the most common psychological disorder in the US, affecting 18 percent of the adult population.Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is the third-most-common psychological disorder, affecting 15 million men and women in the US.The threat of negative evaluation from others–such as being negatively perceived by your date–is the root of social anxiety, and is exacerbated in a dating setting.

Most of the time, anxious daters highly overestimate how harshly their partner is judging them.Because they judge themselves harshly, they assume others do, too.And it makes them not want to share, be open or be vulnerable.Self-disclosure is simply telling people what you think, how you feel, and letting them see what matters to you.Reducing the threat of judgment from others–and yourself One of the reasons people may not disclose more about themselves is for fear of being judged.In 2007, researchers Kristy Dalrymple from Brown Medical School and James Herbert at Drexel University conducted a small pilot study on an updated approach to social anxiety.