Prince william dating paris hilton

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Prince william dating paris hilton - cerita lucah mly di toilet

Unfortunately for Prince William, he got stuck hanging out with Paris Hilton on Wednesday night.

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"You can learn something every day from everything. Only when you have to face another challenging situation will you discover what you’ve learnt.”Read the full story in this week's HELLO!

[From the Mirror] The Mirror says there was also an embarrassing incident when Wills went over to Christina Aguilera’s table to say hello, but her minder didn’t believe he was who he said he was.

Apparently it took some convincing, but the prince eventually got a chance to chat with the singer, until Paris came along and made the whole evening about her.

Wills was glued to her side or the rest of the night.

When Christina [Aguilera] sidled over on her way out at 2.30am, a miffed Jordan [Bratman] moaned to his missus: “You’ve already said bye – and SHE’S with him.” As the lights came on at 3.15am, the royal bodyguards tried to round up the Princes. “Make sure she [Paris] gets out of here OK,” he ordered one flunkey.

It’d be stuffy and formal, but I think we could adapt.

But I really don’t feel like even the average person could handle 30 seconds of chatting about pink things and cell phone jewelry with Paris Hilton.

The Mirror makes it sound like the prince was into Paris, but I’m assuming that’s just for a good story.

I can’t imagine he could be interested in her as anything but a joke.

We watched Prince William snuggle up to pop star Christina Aguilera and socialite Paris Hilton in the VIP room at Whisky Mist in London’s Mayfair. We got there at midnight to see Wills, 26, and Prince Harry, 24, necking vodka cocktails and singing cheesy pop songs…

[Pairs] tried to cosy up to him on the couch and he even turned his shoulder and started talking to a mystery blonde on his right.

Life smiles on me here."Although Paris isn't ready to tie the knot to her Swiss boyfriend at the moment, she ensures that it will happen in just "a matter of time." She also admits that starting a family is on her list of future ventures. This is her third summer hosting and deejaying her Foam and Diamonds party at Amnesia.

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