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Up dating directx - meta dll updating

Direct X 11 is built into Windows 7, and it is available as an update for Windows Vista.For the same reasons noted in the preceding question, Direct3D 11 and related APIs are not available on Windows XP.

This is the easiest version to install, as long as you have an internet connection. This one is a bit more complex, but may be needed if the computer running Trainz does not have an internet connection.

Microsoft Direct X lets you optimize the use of a PC's hardware capabilities specifically for gaming and videos.

It provides a collection of libraries dedicated to audio/video processing (sound card, video card, etc..) as well as peripheral input/output (joystick, network card, mouse, etc..) features.

See Apple's OS X: Updating OS X and Mac App Store app page for Software Update instructions.

During technical troubleshooting, you may be required to reinstall an OS update or driver.

A Software Update is an incremental update of the Mac OS and its applications, Security Updates, device drivers, and firmware updates.

For Blizzard games, it is important to download and install all software updates, as our games are designed for the latest version of the supported system requirements.

What changes were made to the Direct X runtime for Windows 8/7?

Windows 8/7 includes all of the Direct X runtime components found in Windows Vista, and adds Direct3D 11, DXGI 1.1, 10Level9 feature levels, the WARP10 software device, Direct2D, Direct Write, and an update to Direct3D 10.1 to support 10Level9 and WARP10.

In order to reinstall drivers and files for the latest OS X build, you can download a Combo Update.

You can find the latest Combo Update for your operating system located on Apple's Support Download​ page.

I also have a utility that can automate the download and installation of the redistributable version - the bottom link will give you access to this.

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