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(Jmar or Jman) revolving (in samsara), endless, whose end is not known, without end or be- ginning (used of samsara). agreeable speech, words of compliance, anukantati, v.

(Jja) the eldest brother; a brahmin, agga-jana, - jati, m. Afijalini karoti, pagganhdti or patydmcti, to salute respectfully so. the hollow of the joined hands, a respectful salu- ation performed by raising the joined hands to the fore- head. (Jakkh) the axle of a wheel; a die; a snake; a law-suit; the plant tcrminalia bcllcrica; the tical weight ; a born-blind ; the width of the earth ; n. the imperishable, nibbana; austerity; the sky ; water. that which comes into the field of vision; an enemy.

a complete army; a high numeral, i follow- ed by forty-two ciphers- aggibha 3 a-khanclana, n.

(Jtha) to establish, resolve, un- dertake, appoint.

( Jvas) to consent, comply with, accept, ap- prove.

a picture-frame, a chequered board for dice etc., spider, worm, safety pin, gold.

(Jci) a heap of bones, ashes obtained from a cremated body.

pi.) this is the word for civilly refusing alms to a monk; ' go and beg further on.' atichatta, m.

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