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So, if you want to put carbon dioxide and smuts into the air, you have to pay for the privilege. The whole cap-and-trade idea is to wean the country off of polluting technology and to move us towards renewable energy—an energy policy that leaves the oceans right where they are now, thank you very much, and that we don‘t have to pay for with a blood-soaked, dependent, hamstrung, self-defeating foreign policy.a self-professed lifelong Democrat. MADDOW: First of all, I want to ask if I accurately represented your criticism of the president‘s budget.You‘re OK with the idea of capping and trading pollution permits but you don‘t want to have to pay for them?

MADDOW: So—but the basic idea here is that your industry, and Duke Energy specifically, that you—you profit from something that makes pollution, and you get to keep the profit but we have to live with the pollution.

” Before we get to “Expanding health insurance to cover more people, who are you? ” Before we get to those really fun arguments in our politics, we now get to go through the fight over the president‘s budget.

And this is the part where we get all of the dire warnings about how Barack Obama‘s budget will destroy the country.

But it sorts of seems fair to me in the biggest sense.

ROGERS: Rachel, I started my career as a consumer advocate fighting rate increases of utility companies in the ‘70s.

In this budget fight, in the fight we‘ve got now, it is not really Barack Obama against the Republicans because of this—on the budget fight, there is a good chance that Republican votes will be totally irrelevant.

You remember how under the stimulus there was all of that huge effort and compromise to get three Republican senators to sign onto that bill?

That‘s because Republicans filibustered the stimulus. So it took 60 votes, not just the majority, but 60 votes to pass that bill.

There are less than 60 Democrats in the Senate, so the Democrats needed that handful of Republican votes in order to pass it.

You remember, back in the ‘90s, when we were communists.

Take environmental regulation and energy, for example.

So all of this bloody blah and this whole maundering (ph) about who is leading the Republican, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Chuck Norris, that religious Baldwin brothers—yes, all of that fighting that‘s going on in the Republican Party, in the budget fight, it does not matter.

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