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You run the risk of getting your baby's baby preganentand and that can lead to complications like an infinite loop... Don't forget the cargo shorts, you need to be wearing cargo shorts. I sold my only car to help pay for gas money, but now gas has come down in price. I tried to contact this guy but it seems he also sold his computer to help pay for internet connection... Tried calling him, but it sees he sold his phone to pay for phone bills and doesn't have a landline... I can feel mine dropping right now just reading this question. - Catacorn Can a dog get pregnant from sperm from a human because when I wasn't home my boyfriend got horny and had sex with my dog and i think shes pregnant...

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Scientists were to busy posting selfies The Big Bang was very camera shy.

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- floridiancat Ya know I don't know I think you might though so maybe you could ask jeeves or something, or maybe you might want to post another question I don't remember sorry :/ Can your baby get preganent if you have sex while preganent? Its dangerous, though the baby can get preganent only if it's a female. I think the only living being that would ask a question as stupid and counterintuitive as this would be an alien.

If you suspect your baby is preganent try not to have sex again.. You get a car that looks exactly the same as it and pretend you never sold the car C. You don't get the car back and do nothing with your life and slowly die Choose Is this planet called Earth? If you are not an alien and you inquire what our planet is called, you quite possibly have serious mental issues and need to have your IQ tested.

The university said it’s investigating the video and that the student who filmed it has requested charges be filed against the woman.

“University police responded to the incident when it occurred and took a report at the scene,” the university said in a statement Wednesday. Nope for my logic of deez nuts that's a penis - Cereal Guy Its deez nuts.Join now for a Live NUDE Video Chat in my private room!He then tells her dreadlocks were part of Egyptian culture and tries to walk away, but the woman blocks him and is seen grabbing Goldstein’s arm.She then turns to the person filming to block the camera with her hand.It said once campus police complete their investigation, the case will be forwarded to the Sand Francisco District Attorney’s Office, which will decide whether to file charges.

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