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Burn marks and scabs extend down her neck to her whole body, and a disfigured ear clings on to her face like a piece of mangled flesh. The nurse who comes to check on her explains the smell: A wound on the girl’s skull is rotting and has filled with maggots. In a muffled voice, she says: “My employer would beat me every day with a broom and a stool.

The Ministry of Labour and Employment has formulated a national policy, which is still awaiting cabinet approval.She had been sexually abused and denied contact with anyone.She said that in return for her 14 to 16 hours of work every day, all she got was abuse.It is at this stage that the desperate need for effective centers of counseling is underscored.It is the most basic step, necessary for the girls to restart their lives with dignity and strength. No recognition, no progress A 2013 report by the Geneva-based International Labour Organization found that the number of domestic workers in India ranges from 2.5 million to 90 million.To expose this racket of trafficking and to uncover their modus operandi, we waited for days with a hidden camera, posing as a family interested in employing a girl. The agencies liaise with natives of remote villages, mostly from the eastern part of India, who, as “local agents,” carry out the first step in the trafficking process.

The agents identify underage girls from extremely poor families and lure them to the city with the promise of a good job.The girls are made to work 14 to 16 hours per day and do all of the household chores, from cooking and cleaning to baby-sitting. Often their monthly wage is paid to the agencies—not to them.Most of the girls get trapped in this vicious cycle forever.Hiding her face behind a veil, she said, “I feel very lonely and want to kill myself.I guess that’s the only way out of this misery.” For these girls, recovering from the trauma of this horrific past is extremely difficult.Over a few months in 2013, I traveled with a camera crew and conducted several interviews on the trafficking of girls in India. Selling humans In the western part of India’s capital city, New Delhi, more than 5,000 domestic worker placement agencies operate out of a nondescript neighborhood called Shakurpur Basti.

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