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Hitler had The Triumph of the Will, we have bootlicking propaganda like The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty and The Fifth Estate.

We've just had it confirmed, thanks to Edward Snowden, that the 3rd Amendment has been efficiently shit-canned along with the 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th as the NSA's cerebral storm troopers are now "quartered" in our cell phones and computers.On many pages covering the early years of the dictatorship, one's mind is constantly jumping back and forth between what the Nazis did and what's been going on in America, not just since 9/11, but over the past 50 years.As Mark Twain said, history doesn't repeat but it often rhymes.Published in 2001, the book's central point, buttressed by diaries and newspaper accounts of the time, is that the German people knew exactly what the Nazis were doing and approved of it.Gellately makes clear that the Nazis were constantly calibrating what they could get away with with the German people and that, in the early years of the dictatorship anyway, dissent sometimes made a difference.But what he really hates is other nations attempting to protect themselves from the NSA, warning that these governments might "balkanize" the internet.

As for the NSA, Herr Schmidt won't "pass judgment" on it -- instead, it's the resisters to the NSA and Stasicon Valley who are the problem.

Don't let the sports on the giant plasma screens or the live dancers distract you from this book review.

Stop texting for a moment and let me pour you a Tony Montana, a line of Whole Fools gluten-free, organic, totally vegan, absolutely fair-traded Bolivian marching powder. I just finished reading Robert Gellately's Backing Hitler: Consent and Coercion in Nazi Germany.

The Nazis don't avoid the press but use it skillfully with photos of concentration camp inmates exercising and playing sports -- think of embedded reporters and the "tropical paradise" with the "three square meals a day" that Gitmo's defenders tell us about.

The Nazis easily win over journalists -- in the present, the most vicious critics of government whistleblowers are "journalists" like Jeffrey Toobin, David Gregory and Bob Schieffer.

A purse snatcher is given ten years in prison and it somehow comes to Hitler's attention and he has the man shot.

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    Deep learning "teaches" computers a variety of skills, such as how to understand text, speech or photos, and apply what it learns to deliver answers, clarify queries or offer suggestions.

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