Modesto teacher and student dating

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Miller spoke publicity for the first time today, her hands shaking as she clenched a paper and choked out her story of Hooker befriending her on a school-supported trip to Orlando.She said he comforted her during a tough time in her life – coping with her parent’s divorce.

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He abused his position of authority and I contended that from day one.” Tammie said she moved Jordan out Hooker’s apartment after his arrest. Modesto police say the investigation of Hooker’s relationship with Jordan Powers remains open.At the same time, Miller says her life began spiraling down a dark tunnel of despair.While she protected him, she also saved e-mails that exposed their relationship.Hooker was also required to admit in court to molesting the victim Michelle Miller.“Other children will now receive a measure of protection,” said Allred.He quit his teaching position in February after news of their relationship surfaced, she dropped out of Enochs and they moved in together.

Kristin Olsen, a state Assembly member from Modesto, has purposed legislation that would outlaw teacher-student sexual relationships in California, even if the student is 18.She says she decided to come forward after seeing he had once again left his family for a teenage girl. Hooker appeared to be proud of that relationship, appearing on both Good Morning America and Dr. While the mother of Jordan Powers was visibly upset,” said Allred.We tried to talk with Hooker and his attorney but they walked right passed us.READ CRIMINAL COMPLAINT Hooker appeared in court Friday afternoon.A judge set his bail at ,000 and assigned him a public defender.The statue of limitations doesn’t apply because of the nature of the allegation.

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