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For payment options or assistance with financial aid requirements, please contact the Office of Student Services at 877-MERCY-GO.Turbo Tax, H&R Block, and Tax Act impressed us with their software for 1040EZ and 1040A filers, and we think you’ll be happy using any of them.

Just don’t forget to consider the tax breaks offered by form 1040A — they might save you on your return.

Non-degree seeking students who wish to enroll in online courses for college credit on a non-matriculating basis may register for those courses without making a formal application for admission to Mercy College.

However, all non-matriculating students must complete a Non-Matriculant Form and have the desired courses approved by Mercy College.

Here’s another way to spin it: For those who don’t have access to a laptop or desktop computer, Turbo Tax is the best way to file your taxes for free.

And believe it or not, lots of people do just that — according to Turbo Tax, over six million self-preparers completed their returns from start to finish on mobile devices for the 2015 fiscal year. All three apps are easy to use, but it’s little things like 1Password integration, smoother swipes, and a more intuitive menu that set Turbo Tax apart.

From the moment Federal Free users snap a pic of their W-2 (or import it directly from one of Turbo Tax’s many payroll partners), the entire process is a series of clean, uncomplicated prompts that guide you like a friend — not an instruction manual.

The software is littered with relevant “FYIs” and links to Turbo Tax’s surplus of educational resources; each one placed in just the right spot to help make sure you don’t miss anything that could make major waves in your return, like how filing jointly could save you money or that you will need to file form 1040A instead of 1040EZ if you want to take advantage of certain scholastic credits.Even if you can file EZ, you should check to see whether any of the tax breaks that are available to 1040A filers could apply to you. The credits you can claim on form 1040A are: Most people have to pay to file their taxes. We narrow down our list with expert insight and cut anything that doesn't meet our standards. If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, then you’re required to use form 1040 and you and won’t be able to file your taxes for free.Form 1040EZ is the simplest of all three forms, but it isn’t always the best option.H&R Block and Tax Act also allow question skipping in a few select sections, but not nearly as much as Turbo Tax.

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