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This news was sensational, and was discussed at a conference in Florida and even reported to local Florida newspapers..

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Future expeditions to these mysterious pyramids may finally uncover the truth and reveal amazing ancient technology.

Meyer Verlag discovered giant glass pyramids at a depth of two-thousand meters.

The use of other devices have allowed scientists to determine that these glass giants are both made of a crystal-like substance, and are nearly 3 times bigger than the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. Verlag believes that further investigation into the secrets in the the pyramids center could reveal more information regarding the cases of mysterious disappearances associated with the Bermuda Triangle.

The larger the pyramid, the greater the capacity of gathering and storing energy. Having one made of crystal, or an apex made of crystal, could vastly increase its power.

Crystal has long been known to have energy applications and exhibits natural piezoelectrical properties.

The pyramid effect, which generated many scary and mysterious stories over the centuries, is one of the CSE manifestations.’” A Bermuda Triangle ‘Death Vortex’ Besides the time and spatial anomalies reported in the Triangle, some survivors of terrifing incidents there have reported huge, swirling vortices suddenly appearing and disappearing .

Evidence exists that some missing ships may have gone missing because of this phenomenon.

Observations of some of the submerged pyramids reveals they sporadically generate intense vortices in the ocean water flowing around them.

Those vortices may be caused by a discharge of internal energy.

And, of course, the world’s universities are not especially eager to explore the idea that very ancient ruins containing high technology may exist that challenges virtually all of the foundations of their pet theories.

Source Learn more with Books about Ancient Pyramids: Pyramid Power: The Secret Energy of the Ancients Revealed Before the Pyramids: Cracking Archaeology’s Greatest Mystery The Secret of the Great Pyramid: How One Man’s Obsession Led to the Solution of Ancient Egypt’s Greatest Mystery SOURCE screamed, others shot hasty videos with their camera phones as the Mayan pyramid rumbled.

Who knows what will be discovered about these underwater architectural anomalies – perhaps something of shocking significance.

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