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Which I didn’t.” Other people use the app to avoid unpromising one-night stands.

(You can use it to prowl for potential dates—it’s a free country—but the app will not do it for you.) To rate a man on Lulu, you select from a battery of pre-written hashtags—some positive (#Life Of The Party, #Does Dishes), some negative (#Boring, #Death Breath), and some ambiguous (#Drives Me Crazy, #Charmed My Pants Off, #Plays Didgeridoo).“The pessimistic case is that they don’t know how—they just got lucky with their first thing and they’re riding that out,” Altman said.“The more bullish case would be, what they have is so successful that they have no incentive to do anything else—at least not yet.” And there’s a third possible reason: plausible deniability.Chong has shown no interest in allowing users such freedom; Lulu is an app for straight women.This homogeneity may help account for the app’s success—more than five million people have downloaded it—but the idea remains polarizing.This was all fascinating, in a trainwreck sort of way, but it was also useful cautionary information.

It’s one thing to meet someone who has perfect stubble; it’s another thing to learn that he is willing to apply that description to himself.

On her phone, she searched for a guy she knew, then pulled up his profile photo (biceps, hair gel).

“He has a 6.1, which seems fair, although, granted, I’ve never hooked up with him,” she said.

” A man must grant his permission for a Lulu profile to be created on his behalf, and, perhaps surprisingly, most men consent, Chong said.

Five per cent deactivate their profiles at some point, but, within a week, one-third of those men come back.

Those responses are distilled into a harshly precise numerical score.