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"One of the most forlorn euphemisms for compensated sex that I've ever seen was in a news article about South Asian women who'd been laid off from factory jobs.The new prostitution bill introduced by the Conservative government on Wednesday proposes to make it illegal to pay for sexual services or to carry advertisements for such services.

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That is not the one that Canadian sex workers argued for when the Supreme Court of Canada found the country's prostitution laws unconstitutional last year.

Customers who get caught and convicted can be jailed or fined.

Sweden went this route in 1999, Norway and Iceland followed in 2009. Gunilla Ekberg, the Swedish government's lead official on prostitution a decade ago, has described the model as looking at prostitution as a form of male sexual violence.

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"Determining what to call prostitutes has long vexed members of the media, When a play opened in New York in 1934 that included a character called 'The Young Whore,' one newspaper there changed her designation to 'A Young Girl Who has Gone Astray.' Three years later, when Bette Davis played a prostitute in could be a euphemism for 'prostitute.' ('Model for hire.') Today, to the dismay of legitimate masseuses, their job title often doubles as such a euphemism.

More often, contemporary call girls call themselves .

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Originally that noun referred to a small pastry, as it still does today.

Over time, 'tart' was used affectionately for a sweet young woman, then for women considered sexually alluring, After that, 'tart' became synonymous with a promiscuous woman.

In 1999 in Sweden, new laws made prostitution legal but paying for it illegal.

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