Gay dating a player

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Gay dating a player - Sexcam no login

________________________________________ A player spends more time talking about himself than trying to get to know you.A player is usually insecure and tries to show himself they can get the girl – so learning about you is secondary.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of hurt and disappointment that could’ve been avoided, had warning signs been recognized.________________________________________ Unless he’s trying to see you, a player never talks to you. Is he talkative, romantic and friendly as the weekend is approaching or when he’s asking you to spend time together, but seems distant and much less eager to respond to texts any other time?Sure, he might be busy with work, but this is 2014, people are constantly attached to their phones and he will find time to text you back if he really wants to.Not only might he always be “too busy” or delay getting together (probably because he’s with another woman), but if his only invitation to you is a Friday night text asking if you want to get a drink, he may have had plans fall through and isn’t showing you the proper amount of effort to actually plan a night around you and your interests. ________________________________________ A player gets upset if you won’t spend the night.Don’t get me wrong – no single man will turn down physical advances from a woman he is attracted to, but if he is interested in building a relationship, that certainly won’t be his only focus.Words are nice, but they are always drowned out by actions.

Early on in a relationship, watch what someone does more than what they say. _________________________________________________ A player avoids PDA like the plague.

________________________________________ A player passively invites you places.

This is to say, his attempts to spend time with you are weak, at best.

It goes without saying that some people aren’t comfortable with public displays of affection, this is totally natural. Does he want the cute waitress to think he’s just out to dinner with a work colleague?

But one thing to pay attention to is whether or not it looks like he’s trying to still appear single even when he’s with you. If he is proud to be with you, which he should be, you will know it. _________________________________________________ The real key here is to be honest with yourself.

________________________________________ A player tells you things like you’re “too beautiful/hot/sexy/smoldering/intoxicating/etc.” to be single.

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