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After responding to a routine burglary, can anyone request the video that might show in detail the interior of a person's home?Will an officer who forgets to turn on the camera in a sudden burst of gunfire be accused of intentionally hiding what happened? How much time will officers be off the street to catalog and review those videos?

Similarly, complaints against officers dropped from an average of 38 in the years before the study to three during the 12 months ending Feb. Lorie Fridell, a criminology professor at the University of South Florida who is conducting a similar experiment with the Orlando Police Department, said use-of-force incidents tend to drop because officers and citizens "behave better" when they know they're being recorded."Some community members will come in to lodge a complaint," she said.

"I don't need a sergeant sitting in an office for four hours looking at footage of what happened yesterday," Llanes said.

"I need him on the street today."Stanley of the ACLU worries about the line between police releasing or restricting too many videos, as in San Diego, where police have refused to release videos of recent shootings."We want to ensure that video footage that's not of public importance isn't released to You Tube for laughs, and that video that is of public importance is available to the public to be scrutinized," Stanley said.

Gimenez, who responded to those riots as a paramedic, said body cameras could have helped in three ways.

If video captured the officers unjustly beating Mc Duffie with flashlights, as one witness claimed, they may have been found guilty, satisfying the community.

"Those points of contention can be eliminated with cameras on our body."Police in Miami aren't so sure.

Miami Assistant Police Chief Rodolfo Llanes is testing 18 body cameras in the department's motorcycle unit and will increase that to 50 this month.

Investigators say the victim passed out in a parking lot before Ramirez saw her and threw her over his shoulder.

A friend of the victim had to leave her to go get the car but when she came back, the victim was missing.

The few studies that have tested body cameras show improvements for departments.

The first was in Rialto, Calif., in 2012, when the police department outfitted half of its 115-person force with body cameras for a year.

Had video shown the officers were justified in their actions, residents of Miami may have accepted the result and avoided a riot.

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