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Chubs come in all shapes and sizes, from guys who are just a little thick to husky to fat to morbidly obese men—who are sometimes called superchubs.

The term “bear” has gone mainstream as of late and its definition has certainly broadened!When you look at some chiseled 22-year-old Adonis, do you actually feel something inside?I feel nothing but a vague disdain for the many hours he’s wasted when he could have been watching perfectly good TV, primetime TV.Painters such as Peter Paul Rubens celebrated curvier gals in their artwork.The fact that the overwhelming majority of artwork and glamor photography throughout history depicts skinny women means nothing, because as we all know, generalizations are wrong and the existence of a single exception to a rule disproves the rule.In fact, being skinny can be life-threatening; eight million Americans–a full 2.5 percent of the population–suffer from anorexia or bulimia. I kept my fetish under wraps, shamefully jerking off to plus-size porn stars like Devyn Devine or Nikki Santana after dark.

I first realized I was a FA (fat admirer) when I was in junior high.Whenever a chubby guy is also a chaser, he’s typically called a chub for chub (or chub4chub in internet speak).Not every chaser likes the same kind of guy—some prefer smooth chubs, some prefer older chubs, etc.—but they are united in their desire to date, have sex with and marry fat men.A younger, smaller bear is oftentimes called a “cub”.Funny how that sounds like what most straight people said about gay people not too long ago! No, they wouldn’t be happier dating someone they aren’t attracted to.For a point of comparison, we’ve heard the same thing from gay friends who are “mainstream attractive” (e.g. Every date they’re on, they’re afraid the guy just likes their body and their looks and doesn’t care about them as people. Some chubs have loved the way they looked all their lives. We also know some are seeking out friends and want to build their belonging in the community. Because we blend two different models—social media and dating/personals—we offer a more social approach to dating that suits gay micro-communities.

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    Follow LGBT news from outlets like The Advocate and listen to transgender people tell their own stories by following well-known transgender leaders on Twitter like actress Laverne Cox, author Janet Mock, VH1 star Carmen Carrera, transgender man and public speaker Tiq Milan, transgender teen Jazz Jennings, and models Geena Rocero and Isis King. Use a person’s preferred pronouns: Use a person’s preferred pronouns (he/him, she/her, them/they) when referring to or speaking with a transgender person.