100 dating pal pen

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100 dating pal pen - clay bucholz dating penthouse

We wouldn’t want you to do anything you don’t feel 100% about. If you are sending gifts with your letter remember to check that there are no international restrictions on posting said item. With this new system, if you came to sign up for a Pen Pal on October 2, you would be able to sign up for a Pen Pal then.

In reality with both of these options, you may still have to wait up to 6 weeks to be paired – but with the previous system, it was a matter of waiting 2 weeks for the Round to open and then waiting up to 4 weeks to be paired.

By confirming you have read this disclaimer you are acknowledging that you have permission to join this service. Here is how the original system has worked: And here is how the new system will work for the next 2 months: As an example – with the original system, if you came to sign up for a Pen Pal on October 2, you would have to remember to come back to the site on October 15 because the Round would be closed.

We do hope you use common sense and if you decide you feel uncomfortable giving your address out, don’t. When you came back, you could then sign up for a Pen Pal and you would have to wait until November 1-12 to receive your pair.

We recommend you see our privacy policy and be cautious and always practice personal safety whilst learning to enjoy our adult penpal service.

Click here and start making new adult penpal friends online by registering now!

Your country, age, and gender is important criteria for others looking and searching to decide whether to reply to your profile or not.

We recommend you are honest when completing your registration and penpal advert.For those of you who have been left in pen pal limbo, you can check out our Pen Pal forums.If you are between 13 and 17 please ask your parents permission before joining. For the next 2 months, we will be testing out having our Pen Pal Round open for the entire month, not just half of the month.'Honesty is the best policy' when presenting your information, don't lie as in time the truth will be discovered by your new pen pal and could then only result in disappointment.We don't ask for your personal home address and it should be a standard protocol for you not to provide such information.Our international site for Penpals is not only for young people keen to communicate with others living worldwide but also for those men and women who are older, way pass their teenage years, who are looking for more adult penpals writing to learn and understand other cultures and lifestyles.

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