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It has an easy-to-use graphic interface (an identikit system) on which the identification software will be available in local languages (Lao and Khmer).Rexroth pump component | Hydarulic Valve | Hydraulic charge pump | Repair piston pump | Complete piston pump provider | China pump component supplier | Hydraulic parts & assembly | Hitachi pump unit | Hydarulic component Factory Home | Product Show Room | Download | What's New | Company Profile | Contact us | Privacy Policy | Sitemap | Blog | wikipedia | Link Copyright © Ningbo Yinzhou Huakang Engineering Hydraulic Fittings Factory All rights reserved.


Developed a Khmer keyboard for Unicode Fonts, copying as much as possible the ABC and Limon keyboards, in order to reduce when possible the necessary re-training to change from using legacy fonts to use Unicode Fonts.

It will help you to convert a text into the khmerian language.

If you want to write a letter for a friend from Cambodgia and you have problems with the language, this is the right tool for you.

The add-in combines lists from Khmer OS, SBBIC and Pan Cambodia. Khmer OS is the base for the Open Schools Program, a joint venture with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport that has taken the applications translated and localized by Khmer OS to all schools of Cambodia that have computers, as well as to all teacher training centers, making them mandatory.

Khmer Unicode Conversion is a nice and very useful program, easy to manipulate.

All in one Khmer Fonts 2010 is a package of free writing styles.

We’ve just updated our “All Khmer Fonts” download – you can download it here.ANT Clever Box is an entertainment software that use to increase your clever, Khmer language knowledges and memory.This software developed in the purpose to improve Khmer Unicode.More about CCF When Hollywood executive Scott Neeson embarked on a sabbatical between jobs in 2003, he couldn’t have imagined how it would change his life.In Phnom Penh, Scott saw hundreds of children and their families living and working on the Steung Meanchey garbage dump, one of the most toxic environments imaginable.The keyboard is based on the Khmer OS and Ni DA keyboard and edited with Microsoft Keyboard Layout Editor.

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