I am dating my therapist

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I work with the parents, along with other professionals in helping them to empathize with their kids.It is my experience that the children come away from these meetings feeling both relieved and empowered.

Each parent firmly believes that they are the righteous one and the other one is guilty of being too aggressive.

Sometimes when I leave this class, I am so overwhelmed by the power of their stories that I feel a deep ache in my gut that eventually leads to tears.

As stark and horrifying as these stories are, I am aware that I am providing a necessary service in getting all of these intense memories and feelings associated with them out into the universe.

I have been fortunate that I have been able to formulate close connections with many kids and adults.

I realize that most people aren’t willing or they are unable to provide a setting that allows for opening up about the most painful and personal issues.

I usually find myself ultimately being empathetic to both parents point of view.

It is usually not a matter of one being a better parent than the other, but the hurt and anger they have towards each other seems to be infinite. The parent’s conflict causes them to have divided loyalties and they learn to shut down at the first sign of upheaval.I have been voluntarily teaching a Healing Emotional Pain and Loss class in the San Francisco County Jail to incarcerated women for the past three and a half years.I play music and we all read along with the lyrics.The songs stimulate discussion about the tough times they have had.They talk about being addicted to crack, heroin, crystal meth and alcohol.They share what it is like to have no one in their lives to support them.