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Katy Perry, who can’t write a song that doesn’t sound exactly like her last song, isn’t a feminist, but “does believe in the strength of women,” which is completely contradictory and leans toward being afraid of the word.

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There are the ol’ dinosaurs Gloria Steinem and Camilla Paglia whose books and articles will never get old and will always serve to provide perspective on the 60s and 70s heyday of “Women’s Lib” and connect it to today’s issues.___________________________________________________________________________ k go ___________________________________________________________________________ The new dawn is a translation of dawn.___________________________________________________________________________ Nothing = it ___________________________________________________________________________ If the internet were three digital horses, we went up to them.___________________________________________________________________________ Death, having given in and finally gotten a facebook account, sent constant friend requests, intermittently updating its status.___________________________________________________________________________ “What makes sense” doesn’t make sense anymore, or if it does, whatever -- ___________________________________________________________________________ let’s forward ourselves like uncorked SPAM into that great inbox: ‘the world.’ ___________________________________________________________________________ Let’s translate #theknown ___________________________________________________________________________ not to know it better, but to overwhelm the tag’s ever-increasing capacity for itself!___________________________________________________________________________ I rode mine like a dead man strapped to an imaginary digital horse constantly leaving, ___________________________________________________________________________ until the cursor threatened me like a switchblade.

___________________________________________________________________________ When everyone went insane all at once & in a hurry, #insanity linked us back to its source -- ___________________________________________________________________________ ourselves.I’ve been trying to begin writing about Feminism for a very long time now.I am a staunch feminist and recognize the importance of women’s issues of equality and feel compelled to contribute to the cause as a part of my work.#theknown ___________________________________________________________________________ #after Isaidthat I 360’d like a puppy on its tail.___________________________________________________________________________ #after Isaidthat 2 viruses arrived like 2 reasons I shouldn’t have a computer.___________________________________________________________________________ But there is no internet-queen to offer ourselves to ___________________________________________________________________________ or to buy the infinity rings we sell on etsy.