Hankyung dating

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Hankyung dating

Kibum kicked the door open with the back of his foot. The taxi driver came out of the car and helped them put their suitcases in the trunk. Kibum got in also and shuts the door."Where to, Kibum? The taxi driver smiled when he saw the cuddling couple in the back seat through the review mirror."And who's this, may I ask? Yesung shook Hankyung's hand with his free hand."Bummie~" Donghae chimed and he waddled over to Kibum and hugged him. Kibum fisted Hankyung's long white hair with one hand while his other arm wrapped around his neck. Hankyung bowed and Kibum whistled."You're a really good singer, Hannie. Kibum chuckled and folded his arms across his chest."You are, Hannie. " Hankyung said, lugging his suitcase of belongings behind him. He whistled and a taxi came."I don't live far." He said. " He asked, looking for an open spot so he could drive on the road."My apartment, please." He said. He drove away from the curb and headed down the street. Hankyung smiled and rested his cheek on to Kibum's head, feeling his soft black hair tickle his cheek slightly. Hankyung smiled and looked into the review mirror."I am. Yesung joined Ryeowook side with a drink in one hand."Hankyung, this is my boyfriend, Yesung." Ryeowook said.

Maybe I should go with Kibum back to where he used to live before he moved here." Hankyung thought. He was looking for a specific drink, his back at Hankyung. He walked into the room and kicked the door shut with his heel. Hankyung won and he explored every inch of Kibum's mouth, earning moans from Kibum. Kibum let's Hankyung take off his and threw it to a random spot on the ground. Hankyung smiled when Kibum kissed his jaw line gently.

Hankyung wrapped his arms around Kibum's waist and started to kiss Kibum's exposed neck. Donghae placed a soft kiss on his lips, recieving a few cat sounds from everyone at the table. He pouted as he looked at Kyuhyun, who chuckled and grabbed his hand."Come on. And this time, I'll get one just incase your glass gets empty again." He said. Eunhyuk took one last sip of his drink before standing up and lacing their fingers together before going to the counter to get something to drink."Geez. Siwon chuckled and drank his de-caff coffee."It's not like they're leaving us forever. Leeteuk scoffed."Siwon-sshi, you read your bible too often." He said. Siwon looked up at them."Dude, they call me Teukkie Angel or Angel Leeteuk. " Kibum asked as he looked at his leader."They're either getting something to eat or drink." He said. They all chuckled."Sungminnie, you're going to strangle him. Siwon rose his hand."I was dating Heechul while Kibum and him were in Beijing.

When they reached their dorm, Kibum let's go of his hand and reached into his pocket to find the card. Donghae smiled and kissed his temple softly, making Eunhyuk smile and look at him. Donghae wrapped his arm around Eunhyuk's lower back, his hand stopped at his hip."Kyu, my pink lemonade is all gone." Sungmin said, holding up the glass that was empty except for some hug chunks of ice. Kibum embraced everyone at the table."Where's Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Yesung, Donghae, and Eunhyuk? Siwon chuckled and shook his head no."It's alright.

Hankyung cleared his throat."I was all messed up, up, up, up.

Undefined Love Chapter 4: You got yourself into this It's been a few weeks since Heechul got arrested. Even though the song was Ryeowook's, Hankyung learned perfect English and decided to sing it.

The Grim reaper shows up in your dream everyday for 49 days that you are going to die.

This is purely fictional and Hankyung never wrote anything like this.

Kibum looked at the drinks."You know that coffee you made me yesterday? Hankyung smiled."You must of really like my coffee." He said. Kibum opened his eyes and put the card in and unlocked the door. Eunhyuk chuckled and offered him some of his iced tea. Leeteuk, Kangin-sshi, and Siwon-sshi, this is my boyfriend Hankyung." He said. Kibum and Sungmin let go of each other."Hankyung, this is Sungmin. Sungmin let's go of Hankyung, worried."S-Sorry, Hannie." Hankyung smiled and pinched his cheeks softly, making Sungmin giggle."He's cute." Hankyung whispered to Kibum, who chuckled."Hankyung, this is our maknae, Kyuhyun." He said. Kyuhyun smiled and Sungmin blushed."Yesterday." Sungmin said. So, 2 couples are engaged while one couple is already married?

Kibum closed his eyes and immediatly stopped his actions. He let's Hankyung's lips leave soft kisses on his skin. Sungmin smiled and he kissed Kyuhyun's lips."Thank you, Kyu! " He said and tugged Kyuhyun back to the refill line."Now I'm getting thirsty." Donghae said, smacking his lips together slightly, his throat dry. They all laughed and Siwon shrugged, also laughing."They don't call me Shisus for nothing. should be jealous." Leeteuk said."And they call me Gentlemen Mimi." Zhou Mi said with a smirk. Zhou Mi smiled and looked at him."That's because it's cute." He said pecked his lips softly, recieving grunts in disgust from everyone at the table. Kibum nods and pulled Hankyung to his side."Zhou Mi, Henry, you already know him. So-" He was suddenly cut off when Sungmin said Hankyung's name happily."Hannie! Try not to make a bad impression." Kyuhyun said, setting their drinks down on to the table. Sungmin blushed more and Kyuhyun chuckled."Anyway, Ryeowook and Yesung are dating, Eunhyuk and Donghae are already married, Leeteuk and Kangin are getting married tomorrow, and Zhou Mi and Henry are dating." Kibum continued."Wow. But since the incident, I decided to go single for awhile." He said."You mean, you and Heechul were dating when me and Heechul were dating?

He paid for the candy and pulled Hankyung into his car. The taxi driver's eyes widened and he almost swerved into an on-coming car on the other side of the road."Jinjja? The driver nods and waved to the crowd, which cheered loudly."No problem. Leeteuk chuckled as he leaned his head on to Kangin's strong shoulder."I can't either, Sungminnie." He said. They all laughed."Teukkie-hyung, I need to ask you a question-No, all of you guys a question." He said. "Hankyung sang me a song a few days ago and his voice is really amazing.

"One more thing." He said and went toward the candy aisle. Kibum grabbed a bag of lollipops and ran to the counter. Hankyung hesitated but decided to tell him."Heechul raped Kibum because Kibum kissed me." He said. They both turned and faced the taxi driver."Thanks for the ride." Hankyung said.

Kibum went into the elevator and Hankyung followed."Kibum..." Hankyung said, facing Kibum, who looked at him. Kibum smiled and looked down, letting his heart beat fast. Yesung smiled and nustled his cheek into Ryeowok's soft short brown hair."Come on. Eunhyuk swirled the straw around in his iced tea, his expression showing how bored he is. All 4 of them turned and looked to see who he was waving at. They squeazed through the crowd, holding each others hands."Bummie! Kibum smiled and let's go of Hankyung's hand to hug his hyung back.

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