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However, the two lovebirds say goodbye, again, in the "Fall" chapter after one last over-the-top reunion of the Life and Death Brigade.And It's left unclear whether Logan will even come back into the picture if the child is his, given Rory's eye-opening discussion with her once-absentee father (David Sutcliffe) about Lorelai raising Rory on her own.

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Stunned, she took a day to think things over before turning him down.Just like their relationship throughout these four chapters was mutual, this ending for them and saying goodbye was mutual.They could feel that it was the time to say goodbye. Even Rory says at one point during the revival, every time I get upset, I call Logan.I have to write this book." So it was the right time for both of them.In the original series, it was an abrupt ending for their relationship.Why is it they believe they can't be together, as opposed to trying to formally get back together?

Logan has always loved Rory and I look at the circumstances of Odette as one foot in his family obligations and Rory is really his love and his heart and his soul.

That was such an elaborate sequence of events with the costumes and the lighting and the dancing and the music. On the page, it felt like this is the best of Logan, this is the best of Rory, this is the best of them together.

For me, one of my favorite episodes in the original series was "You Jump, I Jump, Jack," which was very early on for Logan where Rory goes to her first Life and Death Brigade event.

First off, what kind of reaction have you been getting to the revival episodes? It's pretty amazing to see after all these years that you have new fans and old fans coming together over Thanksgiving to watch these new four chapters.

Had you seen all four before they were released, or how did you watch them?

For me, that was something that was representative of the original series but was a step forward in the growth of those characters, and now it was something that they were saying goodbye mutually.

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