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Madero, a San Diego psychologist and workplace violence prevention specialist.“It requires a major commitment on the part of a company.” Workplace problems exact a heavy toll.

“Two companies with the same policy might deal with a problem in radically different ways.If a person tests positive for an illegal substance or is caught abusing alcohol on the job, a warning or termination can result.In most cases, a violent act results in injuries and involves witnesses.Before long, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission entered the picture, filing charges of its own. Navy, Wal-Mart, Eastman Kodak, Domino’s Pizza, Honeywell and State Farm Insurance have all found themselves at the center of major disputes focusing on harassment or discrimination.Mitsubishi orchestrated a hard-line response to the inquiry, even going so far as to pay employees to hold a rally outside the Chicago EEOC office. Some of these firms have paid out multimillion settlements despite stating publicly that such behavior isn’t tolerated and that zero tolerance policies were in effect.Too often, policies backfire because they’re not properly crafted or haven’t been thought through all the way.” To some extent, how an organization approaches a specific problem depends on the issue at hand.

A zero tolerance policy on drugs is fairly easy to define and enforce.

Among other things, more than 300 workers claimed that women at the firm’s Normal, Illinois, manufacturing plant were asked by male co-workers to bare their breasts and were fondled.

They also charged that photographs taken at private parties outside the workplace—many of them depicting nude dancers and plant employees performing sex acts—were routinely displayed at the office.

It’s no secret that violence, drugs, harassment and discrimination are part of the workplace.

Over the years, each issue has attracted plenty of attention, and forced HR to search for solutions.

The negative publicity that’s generated from a high-profile incident can become a nightmare.

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