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'Of course, we want America to be safe and protected but we should not violate the emotional and physical safety of our nation's citizens at the same time,' she wrote.'Things don't change unless we ask questions and demand answers.

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Scroll down for video'I didn't care about anything but one place on my body,' Rye wrote in an op-ed about the incident for CNN.'I didn't want my vagina patted down in a back room anymore than in public.' In the video, Rye can be heard talking to the officer as the pat-down begins.'I fly several times a week and this has never happened, so this is alarming,' she tells him.Rye said the manager grew increasingly frustrated with her when she asked if she could take a picture of the screen that showed 'three overlaid yellow boxes between my legs'. I say I have every intention to escalate this to the TSA administrator,' she writes.The manager called the police to have Rye escorted out of the airport, but she luckily got an officer who 'understood my fear', she wrote.This is a severe violation of my privacy and civil liberties,' Rye wrote. I do not want my vagina patted.' Rye said the TSA agent then began to insist that it was a 'backhanded pat around the upper thigh'.

The manager then informed her that she would be escorted out of the airport, and miss her flight to New York, if she did not go through with it.

Before any armed aircraft can take off, Eddie devastates the base's communications, runway, and aircraft.

Eddie lands in Garrison, Utah to hide his jet in a deserted barn, but is accidentally discovered by a family on vacation, Richard (Michael Keys Hall) and Valerie (Michele Pawk) Dwyer and their baby.

The political commentator said she wanted to share such a humiliating moment because she wanted to use her small platform to give more people a voice.

'I initially recorded the video so I could send it to TSA to raise questions about the process and challenge the agency on whether these incidents of violation truly prevent terrorist attacks,' she wrote.

A CNN commentator has shared a video that shows her bursting into tears during an aggressive TSA pat-down in which her dress was lifted up and her genitals were hit.