Who is ami james dating 2016

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He tells Riley to dance her hardest, but forfeits when it is his turn to compete, thus taking him off of A-Troupe.He is met with hostility from Riley, but tries to assure her that he forfeited for her.

The once couple are no longer on the same page according to a show finale clip obtained by Playing the field again does not seem to be in the cards for Amy at this time, however.

Despite being back together with Riley, James finds himself still struggling with their Nationals duet.

He is delighted when Riley takes him out on a date, thus smoothing out the kinks in their relationship.

James begrudgingly reveals to Riley that he believes he failed his math test, meaning that he will be pulled out of the studio.

Although the routine he is a part of works to dethrone Emily as Dance Captain and instate Michelle with the title, the joy is cut short with the realization that he will no longer be able to dance.

He lies that he has a better gift for her later, but eventually comes up with an idea.

James writes a song for Riley which he and his band perform.

Since Beth seems to not get the message, James moves to other items of the list.

With Hunter's help, James finally gets Beth off of his back.

He assists in packing up the items in the studio one night, when Lucien enters and proposes that Elite and The Next Step merge for Internationals.

James is forced to dance against Riley in the dance battle for a spot on the Internationals team.

James's mother forces him to leave the studio indefinitely due to his grades.