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Rothbard about the cult-like structure of her organization, with its secret knowledge, restrictions on behavior and purges. So I’m going to get into how Objectivism draws in followers with cult-like mechanisms. The reason they don’t understand some stuff is because that stuff is unimportant or wrong.

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The reason Objectivists engage in such behavior is because their own identity is described and extolled by the movement.Those in her inner circle believed she was genuinely superior to every other person on earth.She proclaimed that her sexual indiscretions were ordained by reason, while those of her partners were depraved.Because of Rand’s juvenile, “I didn’t even want to go to prom ” Leopold and Loeb-esque understanding of guys like Nietzsche, she idolized a serial killer.One of her heroes was William Hickman, who chopped up a little girl and killed some other people.Herbert’s complaints continue and grow in intensity. All he wants in return is to have some fun doing it. However, because Herbert is incapable of dealing with any situation that’s even slightly outside of certain parameters, he feels compelled to dirty his diaper and foul the air for everyone. So, even if you do not play poker, I want you to try to think about how to adjust to the way the drunk dealer is playing.

Luckily, the drunk dealer did not get up and leave, though he seemed pretty close to it. You have a drunk guy who is just waiting for his turn. Here’s a lovely musical interlude so you can think it over. If you said something like, “I would just wait until I had a big hand, then let him throw a bunch of money in with an almost random hand. I am not exaggerating when I say that, over a dozen times, Herbert would just call when holding a medium strength hand when the drunk dealer was going to act after Herbert.When she found out the married guy she openly cheated on her husband with had re-cheated, she set a standard for diaper dirtying that her adherents would forever strive to equal.Lew Rockwell, who is a pretty big wheel down at the libertarian/Anarcho-capitalist factory, hosts an article by Murray N.It was an incredible thing to watch this happen again and again. Even if Ayn Rand had never been born and there was no such thing as Objectivism, people like Herbert would exist. They just didn’t know what to call themselves yet, because nobody had written otherwise terrible novels that portrayed their mindset in a way that flattered them.Herbert is a guy with a sky high IQ and plenty of well-earned money to spare. What we see in Herbert is someone who has great problem solving ability, but an incredibly small perspective and who is retarded in terms of emotional intelligence and empathy.In general, Herbert is a reasonably nice guy and pretty cool to talk to. This other guy, who is a dealer at another casino, sits in the game. Every time it is the drunk dealer’s turn to act, he makes a big raise and everybody folds.

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