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Walking into the office you get the usual “hi”s and “glad to see you”s until you get into the elevator alone.

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Just then the door opens and he practically jogs out leaving you to wander into the office. It has to be around , it has to be somewhat nice, but it can’t be obvious from you.

For the past week you’ve been ill, which has meant a lot of missed work time, but that’s not what bothers you, while you’ve been away you missed drawing names for Secret Santa.

You always loved your floor’s office secret santa, it’s your favourite tradition, seeing the look on someone’s face when they open your present, knowing that if they tink it’s terrible they’ll probably never discover who got it, not to mention the obvious, getting a present yourself.

” she states.“It’ll be too obvious Dani,” you sigh.“No it won’t be, could be one of the guys at his lunch table, he’s probably had a similar conversation with them,” she retaliates.“I don’t know,” you’re still unsure.“Well I’ll tell you what,” she places the vinyl back down, “If you don’t give it to him then I will!

”The day of exchanging gifts arrived and you made the decision, you’d give it to him, so once you saw him leave his desk you moved in for the kill and place it on his desk along side a card.

But then there are those rare ones that manage to cheat death with a pickup elsewhere.

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"I did it last year for the first time," Shiels told Buzz Feed News.

"I had a spirit ask me if they could leave a message for Christmas and so it started from there."At Christmas, she recently told the Newcastle Chronicle, she finds those in the afterlife to be especially active. Sorry for upsetting, or doing what they shouldn't have, not listening, not being there for them now," she told Buzz Feed News.

One of the most memorable messages she received, Shiels said, was from a child who had died from illness but "wanted her parents to know she was OK.

"It's cruel on children to die so young and so hard on the family".

And inside you find the Fleetwood Mac album Rumour, on cassette.