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In fact, by banning websites the governments have made it more alluring for users to watch and access pornography.” Governments clearly have an interest in regulating pornography, especially when its production or distribution takes advantage of vulnerable populations like children, but broadly blocking access to online porn may cause governments more trouble than it’s worth.

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During the charged debate, Polis declared that “a high percentage” of the Internet is used for porn and labeled the Web “a pornographer’s wet dream!

” Statistics differ on how much of the Internet is devoted to porn.

Some speculated the government unblocked the sites to calm some of the discontent felt by citizens and distract them from any possible political action.

China may have been onto something in using online porn to prevent riots in the street.

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Be careful, don’t leave the white stains behind and all over the place!The issue of Internet pornography recently reappeared in Congress during the December 2011 debates over the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) when Rep.Jared Polis entered the lyrics from a popular You Tube clip into the official record.Porn has a long history with digital technologies and has been part of the Internet from the beginning.Before the World Wide Web, pornographic images had been sent over the Internet as ASCII art, which consisted of pictures composed of 95 keyboard characters to form a text based visual composition.The lyrics came from , a musical parody of Sesame Street, in which a woman tries to explain the Internet to a group of puppets.

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