Sedating dogs for travel

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Sedating dogs for travel - consolidating personal debt

theyre a chewable tablet (Although she had to break it in half and pill him with them because he was stubborn) and are made by 21st century pet nutrition....the ingredients listed are: liver meal, dried whey, stearic acid, brewers dried yeast, dried hops, chamomile, cellulose, ginger, taurine, magnesium silicate, DL-Tryptophan and magnesium stearate (if any of the experts can advise for or against any of those ingredients....) and the suggested use is 1 tablet per 10 pounds daily, not to exceed 4 tablets daily.

If you're worried about the dog eliminating in the carry bag, restrict its diet before your flight.

Seemed to work well for him and he was back to normal by that night....

just a suggestion I have had terrible luck with sedating cats for travelling. traffic, with Fred sedated in his carrier next to me.

Just be sure to line the carrier with newspapers in case she gets freaked out & potties.

Also, be sure to stay calm while driving with her "chorus" in full swing - it does make a difference.

I'm considering sedation for the duration of the flight. The doctors seem to think its okay but then again if they didnt they'd loss money.

everything I've read about the bad effects of sedation has something to do with temparture and location in the plane.I'm taking my 15 month old cat to Massachusetts to live with my boyfriend for a while, Its a 3 hour plane trip, plus an hour in the airport in FL and MA.She's a very nervous cat and doesn't like to travel in her carrier at all.Give it some Pedialyte before the flight to keep its electrolytes up.Do NOT use "wee wee pads" or other such items in your carry bag.Pet Travel started in 2006 to meet the needs of fellow pet lovers who wanted to share the love of travel, sports and recreation with their pets.

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