Fresh audition dating

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Fresh audition dating

Will finds out more about his newfound love than he wanted to.Kathleen (Tisha Campbell) begins to reveal her true self.

Will tricks the coach into thinking Carlton had a sports injury where he could move his neck toward Will when faced with stress.

In this season, the kitchen and living room sets of the Banks mansion (which is where most scenes were shot) were rebuilt to be larger and more contemporary, as opposed to the more formal style of the first season.

They were connected by an archway, allowing scenes to be shot continuously between the sets.

Carlton pesters Will about the scores and tries to say what could have gone wrong, and concludes that his nervousness distracted him.

The next week, during a pop quiz by Coach Smiley, Carlton copies Will's paper when the pressure gets to him.

State Crowning in each Zone: The 30 states of the country are segregated in 4 zones, wherein each zone will be having a crowning ceremony, gratifying the state winner falling under their respective zones.

The winners ( 30 state representatives/ fbb Femina Miss India 2017 finalist) will then directly advance to Mumbai for the training and finale of Miss India.

Paula thought Ashley did this on purpose, but Ashley says it was because the boy she was dancing with liked Paula and wanted to get closer to her. After a yo Momma joke directed at Uncle Phil that takes things too far, Uncle Phil punches Paula's father. Phillip mistakes Will for Carlton accidentally several times and offers to pay for Will's Homecoming dance expenses, causing Will to become paranoid that he is becoming exactly like Carlton and totally living off of Uncle Phil's help and money.

Will decides to secretly get a job at a pirate-themed restaurant to pay for the Homecoming expenses himself.

Will excitedly tells the news to Uncle Phil, who then grounds him for "not telling the truth" for his missing basketball practices, sleeping in class, and skipping school.

Ashley knows about this, and takes the family to the restaurant Will works for.

In the end they make up once Uncle Phil realizes why Will wanted to get a job, and Will realizes it is okay to get help from Uncle Phil to succeed.

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    This Scottish Castle is one of the true icons of Scotland and Scotland’s historic past.