Validating dropdownlist in 2 0

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For example, you might specify both that an entry is required and that it must contain a specific range of values.Validation controls work with a limited subset of HTML and Web server controls.

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If the user enters any value in a field, it is valid.It polls each of the validation controls on the page and aggregates the text messages exposed by each.The following example illustrates displaying errors with a Validation Summary control.Note that the Web Forms page framework always performs validation on the server, even if the validation has already been performed on the client.This helps prevent users from being able to bypass validation by impersonating another user or a preapproved transaction. If the client is capable, uplevel validation will be performed automatically.The Web Forms framework includes a set of validation server controls that provide an easy-to-use but powerful way to check input forms for errors and, if necessary, display messages to the user.

Validation controls are added to a Web Forms page like other server controls.There are controls for specific types of validation, such as range checking or pattern matching, plus a Required Field Validator that ensures that a user does not skip an entry field.You can attach more than one validation control to an input control.To disable client-side validation, set the page's Client Target property to "Downlevel" ("Uplevel" forces client-side validation).When the user's input is processed (for example, when the form is submitted), the Web Forms page framework passes the user's entry to the associated validation control or controls.A good way of using the Initial Value property is with the Drop Down List server control.a drop-down list might have a default value that is not an empty value (by default, some text appears in it).